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Why Content Marketing?

SEO is the # 1 reason for content marketing, especially local SEO. Content marketing includes any piece of content on your website or social media pages that's designed to inform, promote, entertain or inspire, whether that's an article, social post, landing page, local city or town page, or blog. Why is content creation the most effective SEO technique? It gets you seen by the people who need to see it, when they need it.

Posting quality content is a sure way to gain exposure online. In fact, business sites that post consistent blogs and articles have an average of 434 percent more pages indexed by search engines than those who don't publish anything.

Not only does content help improve conversions, it allows you to connect with and educate your audience as you build trust and relationships. At the same time, you're encouraging conversions by giving people the information they need to make an educated decision on a good or a service.

Content is King in 2021

Stagnant, ineffective and boring copy will turn off your customers and encourage them to go elsewhere. Fresh, relevant and engaging copy will compel them to stay and learn more about you. It will also help you be seen by the search engines in the first place so you pop up on the first page of results.

Check out some more reasons why content marketing is so important for your business. Optimized content, when done well, will:

  • Improve brand reputation by building trust.
  • Help influence conversions.
  • Improve SEO efforts.
  • Give you a cost-effective way of bringing in new leads.
  • Enable your brand to showcase your subject matter expertise.
  • Set yourself apart from competitors.g
  • Draw traffic to your website and social media accounts.
  • Boost your performance on search results pages.
  • Give audiences the opportunity to share your content with friends.

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So, ask yourself: is my content relevant? Does it provide a service to my audience? Does it solve a problem? Is it entertaining/engaging/fun/informative? Will my audience take something valuable away from what they've learned? If the answer is no, you need Tactical-Moves. Our writers can craft compelling content to kick start or refresh your content marketing campaign.

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