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How Local Landing Pages Boost Local SEO

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If you are in the process of building your first website, you likely have heard the term "landing page" thrown around. What does that mean? A local landing page is a web page on your site that attracts customers in a local market utilizing location-specific SEO strategies. Content on a local landing page must be specific to the geographical area of the business in order to be effective.

By their very nature, local landing pages carry more authority for both local searches (i.e., "pizza") and explicit local searches (i.e., barber in Somerville MA).

Whether or not the user adds a geo-modifier, Google will attempt to make a local connection so they it can display relevant search results, specifically with its local three-pack. This is what shows you the names and contact info of the top three local search results.

Targeting Local Organic Search with City Landing Pages

Looking to rank in a particular city? The best way to go about this to have an actual physical location in that city. If that's impossible, the next thing you can try is targeting the organic search results for your target cities through the creation of City Landing Pages. This approach is ideal for Service Area Businesses that have an address in one city, but serve clients in all surrounding cities. For example, if you have a sub shop in Quincy, but you serve all areas around there, such as Braintree, Weymouth, and Hingham

Having several city landing pages set up on your website will enable your business to show up in the organic search results for a local search, gaining exposure for your business in that particular market.

How Does Landing Pages Work?

First off, it's best to partner with a professional web design firm that knows the local area and knows how best to target each one. That being said, you'll have to optimize a unique, high-quality page for each city or market within your service area to boost your chances of ranking in organic results for search terms in that particular city.

City landing pages are tricky because they must be written in a certain way so as to contain information that's relevant to that city. Placing thin, vague or duplicate content for each city page can actually penalize your site. This is why a professional web designer is best, as they have access to professional writers who can handle this properly.

Start with the core cities you want to target, even though you may have 20 or 30 cities you service. It will be easier on your budget to spread it out over time and will also demonstrate activity on the website over a period of time, which signals growth.

What to Include on Local Landing Pages

According to Moz's Landing Pages Guidel, here are some tips on what to include on those pages:

  • With a good blend of text and photos, show off your completed projects or events in each city.
  • Include customer testimonials from each city.
  • Link to other local organizations in which you participate in the target city.
  • Offer city-specific specials or coupons.
  • Share advice and news about city-specific laws, codes, terrain, weather or issues that are important to the community in question.
  • Embed a Google map of the city location.
  • Include the logo and link to the local Chamber of Commerce for the area if you are a member.

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