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Increase Your ROI by Email Marketing

If you want a simple solution for boosting your bottom line, make sure email marketing is one of the weapons in your online marketing arsenal. Email marketing is one sub-category of digital marketing that continues to perform well year over year. In fact, it still generates the highest return on investment (ROI) for marketers. Plus, it gives you the broadest reach of all channels available.

  • Increase company revenue
  • Reach a wide and willing audience
  • Keep costs low
  • Build credibility

From strengthening relationships to improving communication, there are many positive benefits to incorporating email marketing in your strategy. Despite the many tools available today, email marketing is still your best bet for business growth. Tactical-Moves is skilled in building and managing comprehensive email marketing campaigns. We can create monthly newsletters, run promotions, or just craft a simple welcome aboard message with our affordable monthly and quarterly e-mail campaigns.

E-Mail Marketing Software

Our Process

We will customize a comprehensive email marketing strategy for your business.


Discovery: In this initial step, we'll determine your goals as a business and talk about what you want to accomplish with an email marketing campaign. Understanding your email marketing goals now will guide the copy that appears in the body of your emails later.

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Strategy: Next, we will build and segment an email list for you using fresh contacts, existing email contacts, current and past customers, and CRM contact information systems. This will provide the best targeted approach to appealing to your target audience. Bulk-sending cold emails to everyone you've ever come into contact with may be tempting but it's not the right strategy. We'll help you segment your email list by geography, demographics, past purchases, etc.

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Creation: Now we will create your campaign and build your email marketing platform. We will go over templates, headers, footers, visual and textual presentation, social media links, and more. We will also discuss the type of content you will want to add in the body of your emails. Once we have things where we want them, we will launch your emails!

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Tracking: No email marketing campaign would be complete without tracking the results. How else will you know if it's working? We will track performance analytics so you can best optimize your email campaigns and marketing assets. We'll keep you abreast of anything from click-through rates and click-to-open rates to bounce rates and unsubscribe rates.

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E-mail Marketing & Online Marketing

E-mail & Online Marketing

E-mail marketing combined with social media, SEO and responsive landing pages and result in significant increae in sales.

What Is E-mail Marketing?

E-mail marketing is a long establish marketing tool that is proven to work. Maintain relationships with your clients