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Analitcs Reports

Here at Tactical-Moves, we know the importance of measuring and tracking results so as to be able to make adjustments where needed. To that end, we use the Google Analytics tool to analyze your website traffic by collecting data about your visitors and their interactions on your site.

We use Google Analytics to:

  • Track and report website traffic
  • Measure your advertising ROI
  • Track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications

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Online Reports and Analytics

We manage all the Google Analytics for your website and send you regular reports showing you all the details. Then, we use those results to make adjustments as needed, or keep things steady if they're working. Knowing who is visiting your site, how and why, we can better direct your SEO, PPC and other online marketing strategies.

  • Which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions.
  • Where your best visitors are located.
  • What people are searching for on your site.
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Heat Map & Session Recording

Analytics replay by Tactical-Moves is an easy to use anlytics platfor that allows for recording video session of your sutomer interactions on your website by choosing a web page and monitoring. We can see exacltly how a user is interacting with a page.

Heatmap is a ery easy to use, visual way to see at a glance wich parts of the web page are used most

We use Analytics Replay to:

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Understand your users
  • Record & replay visitors sessions
  • Heatmaps tracking

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SEO Marketing Requires Analytics

Website Analysis

We will analyze the performance of your website and its content to ensure it's working for you.

Visual Reports

We provide our clients with detailed reports, website session recorded videos & heatmaps.

Conversion Optimization

We will use Google Analytics results to boost your website traffic and thus monthly sales.

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