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Digital Billboards Managed By Tactical-Moves

Set yourself apart from the competition: build credibility and brand recognition with digital billboards from Blip. Some of the biggest drawbacks to traditional billboards are their high cost, creative limitations, long contracts and inflexible positioning. With Blip Billboards, your business benefits from stunning graphics, flexibility, and reach – all while keeping your target audience and budget in mind.

There are many benefits associated with digital billboards.

  • Help your audience find you
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Let you advertise when and where you want
  • Let you set your own schedule and adjust your budget
  • Improve your marketing funnel conversion rate
  • Build credibility and brand recognition

Digital Billboards & SEO

Did you know that digital billboards actually help you with your SEO strategy? Truth is, a strong billboard campaign has indirect positive effects on your rankings. When paired with a memorable, eye-catching message, your billboard campaign can generate buzz for your brand.

With one in three people Googling brands they spot on a billboard, you can’t deny the fact that this branch of your digital marketing strategy can drive web traffic, boost branded search volume, and even give you higher click through rates. We can ensure you get the exposure and interest you need by coupling high-traffic keywords with clear branding.

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Digital Billboards & Online Ads

It’s time to harness the power of online advertising by embracing the art of digital billboards. You may already be using display ads online, and digital billboard advertising works in much the same way. When considering the style, functionality and commonality of digital billboards and Internet display ads, you will find that you can use the same ad concepts and strategies across both platforms.

Why spend more money on two separate channels when you can combine the power of both ad campaigns? You set a price cap, you control the longevity, you determine the geographic reach. We do all the rest. You get above-the-fold exposure every time your ad is shown.

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