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Restaurant Owners Need Digital Marketing To Succeed


Importance of Digital Marketing for Restaurants. Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

Being a restaurant owner means being part of an elite club within the order of business owners. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a cut-throat madhouse on a daily basis and you manage it by dedicating your entire life to your restaurant. Because you’re so dedicated to it, you want to do everything you can to help it succeed. Part of that is marketing.

Not sure digital marketing is worth your time and investment? Here are the reasons to prioritize it, starting today.

Build Customer Loyalty

As a restaurant, building a solid group of loyal regulars is not only an important step, it’s exciting. You can build that group faster with local SEO. By targeting the searches in your area, you’ll build customer loyalty as you rank higher and become a staple restaurant in the neighborhood.
The key is where you rank in the searches. By simply focusing a little attention on your local SEO, you’ll have a cost-effective way of ranking higher in searches and getting in front of more customers than you would otherwise.

Go Digital with Signage & Billboards

Keep people informed and connected with digital signage and digital billboards that not only boost brand awareness but help you communicate to your target audience. With digital signage, your restaurant can offer a platform for displaying menu boards, events, specials, reviews and more. The images on digital billboards can be changed every few seconds for a constantly revolving platform of communication. Here at Tactical-Moves, our digital billboards start at just $10 a day.

Digital-loyalty rewards program For restaurants and cafe

Offer Incentives - Customer Loyalty Program

People love a great deal. Traditionally, you might send out coupons in mailers or post an ad in the newspaper. That would cost you money, just to have it published. Then you’d have to gamble that people would see it and actually come in. However, with digital marketing, you can offer those incentives for free and know that your offer is being seen by hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers.

Anytime you want, you can post an offer, deal, or discount that your customers will want to jump on. By combining it with other digital marketing strategies, you’ll know your potential customers are seeing it and will likely use it.

Most of todays digital loayalty programs take advantage of the latest technologies such as geofencing and automated SMS/MMS text marketing to bring customers back more often. Digital coupons and deals drive repeat business with marketing automation.

Offer Free Wi-Fi With Marketing Automation

Use Social Powered Wi Fi with text marketing and geofencing to significantly boost your understanding of customer patterns and deliver a more consistent branding experience for customers. Mobile wallet digital coupons give your customers instant access to all your deals and offers, instantly, and all in one convenient place. Mobile wallet coupons are designed to leverage pre-installed mobile wallet apps such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay to make it easier to get deals and pay for food.

Connect with Customers

In today’s market, it’s not enough to be a faceless business. Customers want to connect with you. One of the best ways to do that is through social media. Millions of people have social media and most of those are finding local businesses through their social media platform of choice. By having a presence on social media, you’ll be able to reach those customers in a way they appreciate.
The key is with your social media digital marketing. It’s not enough to have a social media profile – you have to use it. As you become a valuable member of your customers’ social media circles, you’ll be more likely to be the place they go to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, divorces, and graduations.

Keep Information Up-to-Date

If your hours change, if your menu changes, if you suddenly have touchless menus and you want your customers to know about it, you need digital marketing. It’s the most efficient, cost-effective way to keep your customers up-to-date about any and all changes having to do with your restaurants.
Another way to stay up-to-date is with your online citations. This is an SEO tactic that can improve your rankings. Building citations for your online website can be tricky and you may decide to partner with a digital marketing agency, like Tactical Moves, to build those out and keep them up-to-date.

reviews and survey platform For restaurants and cafe

Handle Online Feedback - Grow Reviews

A great feature of online marketing is how easy it is to handle feedback – both positive and negative – from your customers. On your Google My Business page, your customers can write about their experiences. By responding to those appropriately, you could defuse a tense situation or make a good experience with your restaurant even better.

As minor as handling online feedback might seem, it’s important in the grand scheme of your digital marketing. For a busy restaurant owner, this might all seem like a lot to take on. If you want to make sure you take advantage of online marketing without basically taking on a second job as a digital marketer, try a digital marketing agency, like Tactical Moves. They can take on the heavy lifting so you can get back to perfecting your menu and watching your restaurant rocket to success.

QR Code Touchless Menu For Restaurants and cafe

Contactless Touchless Menu Options

  • 1. QR Code - download menu, customized to match your brand that opens your pdf menu – easiest way to get your menu online. Not the best choice for mobile devices
  • 2. QR Touchless Menu – Full blown digital menu system designed for mobile devices with images and descriptions. Some systems have many options that allows for ordering, in-house, takeout or delivery from home. Mobile optimized customizable digital menu platform that your customers can use from home or on premise.

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Here at Tactical-Moves, we offer free QR Code generators that streamline your new marketing approach and our QR Touchless Menu QR Touchless Menu that will help you attract more customers to your health- and safety- conscious restaurant. QR Touchless Menu Contact us today to learn more.

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