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Should Be Doing Local SEO/SEM Marketing?


Why You Should Be Doing Local SEO?

Think about the last time you looked up a business or a restaurant near you. Chances are you were given results for businesses that were close by based on your location. The reason for that is local SEO, and it could be the tactic that takes your business to the next level.

What Is Local SEO?

One of the best ways to increase traffic on your website is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. By using certain keywords and improving the quality of your online content, you can increase your website traffic, meaning more opportunities to sell to your customers. SEO also provides an opportunity to get better traffic from people who are most likely to buy from you.

Local SEO focuses on the actual geographic location of the person making the search. Thanks to local SEO, a user will see search engine listings for the businesses that best match their search and that are also close to their location. To put it plainly, local SEO markets directly to customers in your business’s geographical location.

It works by applying keywords that are specific to a location and backlinks to local businesses and events to amplify your online presence in the geographical area you’re located. With local SEO, your ranking position on search engines goes up for the local searchers.

Say you’re looking to give in to your houseplant hobby, despite your spouse saying you no longer have room for more plants. You type in a quick search on Google, and instantly results pop up for local plant shops and garden centers.

The results you’re given are ranked based on which businesses best match your search and which businesses are closest to you. Because you are itching for a new plant, you choose the closest plant shop near you. That is local SEO in action.

Benefits of Local SEO

Clearly, there are advantages to applying local SEO tactics to your marketing strategy. Aside from simply winning the local popularity contest, here are the reasons you should consider spending some time strengthening your local SEO.

Build a Community

As you rank higher due to strong local SEO, you’ll be improving your online visibility. As that happens, more local customers will start stopping by to patron your store. They’ll buy and go tell their friends about this great local store they found.

Customers want to shop local. They are starting to prove that local brick-and-mortar stores have a place in today’s market. With local SEO, you can build a community of locals that support your business, even during the hard times.

More Relevant Traffic

Have you ever tried to search for something on a search engine and found that all the results were for something totally different? It’s frustrating! For customers, it could mean the difference between spending their money with your business versus another business.

With local SEO, you’ll get more traffic to your website and through your doors because the search results where you pop up will be relevant to the customer. As that happens, you’ll see your business increasing because the people searching for your products are actually finding them.

Increased Sales

The more often you rank high in search results, the more customers will start to trust your business. Along with that, you’ll be gaining exposure in local business listings. All of this works to convert more leads into actual sales.

As you show up in search results, you’ll have more people calling, more people stopping by your brick-and-mortar store, and more people buying from your e-commerce shop. Local SEO will help you stay competitive and see an increase in sales.

Higher Revenue

One of the biggest benefits of adding local SEO to your marketing strategy is that it’s cheap. It’s a way of getting in front of customers who are actually interested without spending money on ads. As you save on the cost of your ads, your revenue will improve.

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