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Social Powered WiFi Builds Loyalty

Turn Your Restaurant Wi-Fi Into Social-Powered Wi-Fi

Traditionally, eating and drinking, visiting the spa or beauty parlor, or visiting an auto repair shop was taken as a social activity. It provides a good opportunity for busy families, friends, colleagues, and business people to connect over a meal. This allows them to engage in a conversation, catch up, or strike business deals. However, these days, most people pay more attention to their phones and laptops during meals when spending time in restaurants or while they are on vacation.

Allowing your customers to connect with friends, family, and work is vital for establishing the brand of your business. Social Powered Wi-Fi is a unique feature that allows your restaurant, cafe, auto repair shop, or beauty parlor to offer your customers free Wi-Fi access.

Turn Your Social-Powered Wi-Fi into a Secret Marketing Weapon

Social Powered Wi-Fi features a social media marketing tool that can help you gather information about your customers and target ads to them based on their needs and preferences. This way, you can build targeted lists of potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your products and services.

There are two steps to using social powered Wi-Fi as a marketing tool: sign up for social powered Wi-Fi and then define your hotspot landing page. You can set up your free marketing landing page and choose which social networks you want people to use to sign on.

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Tips to Turn Your Social Powered Wi-Fi into an Effective Marketing Tool:

1. Text Marketing, Mobile Wallet & Geo-Fencing

In today's world, everything can be done from a mobile device, including paying for items purchased at restaurants. To increase sales and keep customers coming back to visit your business, offering a Mobile Wallet would allow loyal customers to spend more time at your restaurant with the ability to pay directly from their phones. This payment option is also convenient for customers who have no cash – just one less card needed in a wallet!

Another way you can benefit is by using geofences as part of Wi-Fi marketing campaigns. As soon as customers walk into the area set by the business, they will be asked to "check-in" using their social media accounts (such as Facebook or Twitter). Your restaurant can use this information to send ads through these platforms that are catered to your demographic. Geo-tagging of social posts is a powerful feature that is available with Social-Powered Wi-Fi.

2. Present a customized splash page to avoid making your customers uncomfortable

Everyone knows how it feels when they’re browsing online and a website asks them to fill out their email address just so they can browse the site. It makes people uncomfortable because no one wants to be spammed with an endless slew of advertisements. One way around this is by providing your company information instead of asking for personal data like an email or phone number. You can easily do this by putting up our friendly splash page on your establishment’s Wi-Fi. This way, you can safely tell potential customers all about your business without making them feel uncomfortable.

3. Collect data and building effective marketing campaigns

Social Powered Wi-Fi can help you generate new leads, expand your reach, increase your customer base and give potential customers easy access to learning more about your products and services. These details can be used to create a compelling database of new customers.

Using the information you collect, you can also prepare effective marketing campaigns to target these potential customers. Social Powered Wi-Fi is likely to increase the return rate on your investments in marketing campaigns.

Why should you embrace social-powered Wi-Fi in your business?

Wi-Fi in businesses helps set your business apart from the competition in the current marketplace, especially when it comes to retail stores and coffee shops.

3 Reasons You Should use Social Powered Wi-Fi in Your Restaurant:

1. Marketing

You can create a new way to communicate with customers by offering this service, which will draw in more people to join the Wi-Fi network, develop more connections between them, and get an opportunity to engage in conversation with your customers. You could share exciting time-sensitive deals and specials on the Social Powered Wi-Fi network.

2. Growth

Social Powered Wi-Fi allows you to grow your brand by encouraging customer loyalty, repeat business, and improved word-of-mouth marketing. It enables you to send e-coupons, discounts, and promotions during the off-season and helps you to grow your customer profile list. Your customers will be able to have a social experience at your establishment that they simply cannot resist sharing on their social media profiles. This helps you to learn visitor trends, demographics, and customer behavior. Helping your customers to have the best social experience increases repeat business from loyal customers, consequently creating growth in revenue and brand awareness.

3. Security

Social Powered Wi-Fi provides network security through authentication. Allowing authenticated customers to connect with your brand’s Social Powered Wi-Fi network will keep unauthenticated users off your network. You can allow or revoke access by simply changing the settings on the control panel without having to contact support.

Try our Social Powered Wi-Fi Solution in Your Restaurant Today

Having Social Powered Wi-Fi gives you the power to market your product or service directly to your customers. To do this, you need a unique Wi-Fi service that allows the customer to log into your website or store with their Facebook or Twitter profiles. This way, if they save a password for your network on their device, they won't have to worry about re-entering their information each time they visit. We offer the best social-powered Wi-Fi solutions to help you convert leads into customers and your customers' social network profiles into an additional marketing channel. We maintain high reputation management standards to ensure your customers are safe and the social-powered Wi-Fi yields optimal results in your marketing strategies.

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