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Tips to Improve Your Sale This Season

Digital Marketing Holiday Tips

Boost Sales This Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us and festive fun in the air, it can be easy to neglect your digital marketing strategy during November and December. But this is a time when you should be the most vigilant, as people around you will be looking for products and services that stand out.

While people still visit malls to find their Christmas gifts, it’s not like it used to be. Digital marketing is now the primary mode of engagement for small businesses to spread the word about their seasonal offerings. Whether you’re in the hair business or the coffee business, it’s important for both established and emerging brands to stay competitive during the chaos of the holidays.

To stay on track, Schedule consultation with a Boston digital marketer. In the meantime, take a look at some top digital marketing tips to follow this holiday season.

1. Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute

You can avoid holiday marketing stress by being well prepared before the season gets here in earnest. Ideally, you should do this in early fall when you’re not as busy but there’s no time like the present. This way, you can focus on preparing for the influx of customer traffic once December hits.

2. Set Goals

Before coming up with seasonal marketing content, you have to clearly define your objectives. Maybe you want to get a certain number of new email subscribers or maybe you want to attract a certain number of new social media followers. Whatever the case, be specific in your goals.

Just keep in mind there is a looming recession that will prompt buyers to spend less this season. About 28% of consumers plan to spend less this holiday season, and only 10% will spend more than previous years.

In spite of this inflationary pressure, consumers rank price, value and free shipping deals as top of mind when it comes to decision making this season.

3. Use Social Media

Social Media, as you know, is a fundamental component of any successful digital marketing strategy. Increase the visibility of your business by posting relevant, engaging and timely content on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. To get more followers, shares and mentions across all channels, you could:

  • Host a social media contest to get people actively involved in supporting your brand.
  • Offer attractive rewards, discounts, giveaways or sweepstakes when followers share your post.
  • Use paid ads to promote a new product or event.
  • Post memorable, shareable content for your target audience.
  • Offer unique discounts only to select customers in the form of loyalty rewards.

4. Monitor Your Reputation Online

People will be more inclined to post reviews about businesses during the holiday season. This increases the chances you will get more positive – and negative – reviews. How you respond to those negative ones will make all the difference. Goodreputation management means you should respond with patience, offer to make things right, and always be respectful. People are watching.

Contact Tactical-Moves

If all this sounds great but you just don’t have the time during the holidays to handle it yourself, let our pros do it instead. Schedule an appointment with us today at 617-858-5802 and we can get started on a strategy that includes anything from reputation management to social media management.

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